Christmas Poems for Children

"Something For Jesus"

The following poems can be used  in a variety of ways:  as a short program, before a play, between two plays, a Sunday School presentation, etc.  Each of the poems represents a different item which the child should hold while reciting.  One child can do the entire poem, or it can be broken up into small verses for several children, and you can use the poems in any order.  In other words, you can do it in any way you like. Just "tailor-make" it to your needs!  Suggested props are listed below each poem.  

Even if you decide not to order, you may use these four poems for free.  Hope your church enjoys them.

 (This is just an example page.  If you order, you will receive these four poems plus six more!)

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The Wreath

I would like to show you this wreath.
Isnít it shaped so perfectly round?
You see, thereís no end of itís circle,
And the beginning cannot be found.

That is how it is with Godís love -
We donít know when it first began,
But He promised it would last forever,
And one day with Him we will stand.

(Any type of Christmas wreath will be fine, as long as it is round and not oval or odd shaped.)

 Copyright, 2001 - Taylor Made Ministry  -  "The Wreath" by Cheryl Taylor

The Bell

Ring the bell!
Let the whole world know,
That Jesus was born
In a manger long ago.

Ring it loud,
So all can hear.
Go tell the world
That the Savior is near!

Ring it for the saved,
But especially for the lost!
Tell them Jesus loves them,
And died upon the cross.

Ring it with joy
When to your friends you say,
"He didnít stay in the tomb -
He rose on the third day!"

We ring the bells with gladness
Now at Christmas, a time of joy.
We thank our heavenly father,
For Bethlehemís baby boy!

(Child or children could carry bells or small jingle bells.  They could ring them after their first line of each verse. Caution them to try to keep bells quiet while they are talking - then pray that they are able!)
 Copyright, 2001 - Taylor Made Ministry  -  "The Bell" by Cheryl Taylor

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The Light

Arenít these lights so pretty
When we put them on the tree,
Or sometimes around the window
So that everyone can see.

Christmas is not about presents,
Or gifts with ribbon all curled -
But Christmas is all about Jesus,
He is the true light to the world.

So when you see the lights twinkle,
And the decorations are such a sweet site -
Remember the true meaning of Christmas
Jesus, the Saviour, the Light.

(Child could hold a string of mini-lights that are battery operated.   A small set of lights should be OK, but nothing that will get hot or shock them!  Use caution!   Or, they could stand by a Christmas tree that has lights on it and just point to it.)

 Copyright, 2001 - Taylor Made Ministry  -  "The Light" by Cheryl Taylor



The Heart

I bring you my heart
That is now filled with love,
Because God sent a baby
From Heaven above.

I bring you my heart
Its so happy within,
I know Jesus loves me -
He died for my sin.

I bring you my heart
You should give yours away,
Give it to Jesus -
And be saved today!

(Anything heart-shaped will work - wooden heart, pillow, etc.)

 Copyright, 2001 - Taylor Made Ministry  -  "The Heart" by Cheryl Taylor